SP1403 Unidrive

The Unidrive SP provides application and system designers with an incredibly flexible drive platform which is easily modified using an extensive range of sophisticated click-in SM option modules for economical, space saving solutions. SM option modules install easily into any of the three option slots on the Unidrive SP with no tools required. The I/O, feedback, motion control, communication and application modules enhance the Unidrive SP functionality delivering an optimized solution to meet your specific application requirements.

Wide range of system integration features
High performance motor control
Back-up power supplies for continuous operation
Flexible power systems – lower harmonics
On-Board PLC
Easy Parameter Back-up and Copy
Integrated brake resistors
Flexible mounting
Safety as standard

Atributo Valor
Potencia Nominal 1.5 kW
Fase 3
Tensión de Alimentación 380 → 480 v ac
Corriente Nominal 7.3 A
Frecuencia de Salida 0 → 3000Hz
Para Uso con Incremental Feedback Devices, Induction Motors
Serie SP
Índice de Protección IP IP20, IP54
Tipo de Comunicación Field Bus Modbus
Tipo de unidad Velocidad variable
Panel de Control No
Filtro Incluido
Tipo de Montaje Montaje en pared
Interfaz Ethernet
Longitud Total 100mm
Anchura Total 219mm
Profundidad Total 368mm