SP1406 Unidrive

Part of the Unidrive SP range, SP1406is a 4kW, 9.5 A, 380…480V AC VSD manufactured by Control Techniques. As an official Control Techniques distributor, Northern Industrial supply the whole range of Unidrive SP variable frequency drives, including options to expand the functionality of the SP1406 inverter. Control Techniques design all of their drives to be easy to install and commission, and the Unidrive SP is no different.

High Performance Motor Control

Take advantage of the several control modes included on the SP1406 and use your Unidrive SP to control induction, asynchronous servo and synchronous servo motors By using the keypad, you can configure your VSD to be operated in the following modes:

  • Servo – Precision, dynamic control supporting a wide range of rotary and linear motors
  • Closed Loop Vector – Ultimate precision control of induction motors offering full motor torque at zero speed
  • RFC Mode (Rotor Flux Control) – Superior dynamic performance and stability without a feedback device
  • Open Loop Vector – Good open loop motor performance with minimum configuration
  • Open Loop V/F Control – A simple control algorithm that is ideal for parallel motors
  • Regenerative – Active front end control mode for harmonic elimination and regeneration
Many Feedback Encoder Options

The Unidrive SP range has the hardware needed to connect to virtually any feedback encoder type, which enables the designer to select the most appropriate technology for the application.Incremental – Provides a good balance of cost and performance

  • SinCos – Offers increased position resolution for precision and low speed applications
  • SSI – Offers absolute position feedback
  • EnDat and HIPERFACE – These encoders transfer position data using a high-speed communications network, often combined with SinCos technology
Manufacturer Control Techniques
Height (mm) 322
Range Unidrive SP
Range type Variable Speed Drive
Application High Performance / HVAC Fan & Pump
Input Phase Three Phase / Triphas?
Input Supply Voltage 380…480V AC
Amp Rating (Constant Torque) 9.5
Power KW (Constant Torque) 4
Filter Industrial
Normal Duty Amp 11
Power KW (Fan & Pump) 5.5
Depth (mm) 219
Width (mm) 62
Keypad Yes
IP Rating IP20
Logic (PNP/NPN) Positive (PNP) / Negative (NPN)
Loop Open / Closed
NEMA Nema 1
Relay Outputs 1
No Analog Outputs 2
No Digital Outputs (dedicated) 3
No Analog Inputs 3
No Digital Inputs 7