Unidrive M600 Control Techniques

Unidrive M600

Open/Closed Loop Induction Motor Drive with Open Loop PM Motor Control and Single Safe Torque Off Channel

5HP 10.4A Normal Duty / 5HP 7.8A Heavy Duty

50/60Hz 460VAC 3 Phase Input and Output

Enhanced throughput with high performance open-loop control of induction and permanent magnet motors

  • Advanced Rotor Flux Control (RFC) algorithm gives maximum stability and control of induction and permanent magnet motors.
  • 200% motor overload suitable for heavy industrial machinery applications.

Reduce system costs by directly integrating with applications

  • M600 incorporates an onboard PLC which can execute Machine Control Studio (IEC61131-3) programs for logic control, sequencing, speed following and digital lock – removing the need for additional PLCs.
  • Fit up to three SI modules to add safe motion, speed feedback, additional I/O and fieldbus communications.